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A coach strategizes with a client to resolve specific problems or achieve a goal, through a distinct approach to conversation
focused on self-reflection, learning and action

Coaching provides a confidential and supportive environment to explore a challenge brought forward by the client

Coaching gives the opportunity to explore options, test ideas, gain clarity, renew passions, utilize strengths, and enhance skills, through a process of inquiry

Coaching leads to insights and a different way of thinking that helps you identify the best possible solutions and forward action

It is a mutual discussion around barriers and different perspectives, with neutral feedback & observations

Coaching requires a level of trust, and ability to explore issues

Coaching can help with:

Leadership challenges

Difficulty giving feedback

Trouble communicating

Conflict resolution

 Increased effectiveness as a leader, manager, or employee

Greater self-awareness

Enhanced ability to identify goals and achieve desired outcomes

Improved ability to have those ‘difficult’ conversations

Ability to apply learning beyond the coaching conversation

Improved ability to navigate rapid and continuous change

Better relationships through more deliberate and
clear communication

Greater awareness of yourself, what motivates and energizes you, and awareness of your preferred style


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