Helen Wale
Coaching & Human Resources

Coaching - but not as you know it

Coaches are increasingly being seen by businesses as crucial in supporting their leaders in achieving goals and as a key component in their learning and development programs. The International Coach Federation (ICF)   describes coaching as a process of partnership with a client to generate a thought provoking and creative process, which results in client action. It is particularly good in helping people stay focused on their goals and aiming for success. (This may sound familiar to those of you with fitness goals!)

What are the top 5 things that limit you when trying to achieving your goals?





Time management


A coach can help to identify the obstacles that are holding you back; what you need to change in your life to prioritize your goals and increase your motivation to move forward and achieve them.  People who have been coached in this way can expect to see improvements in their productivity and attainment of life goals.

The ICF identifies improved work performance, improved business management, improved time management and improved self-confidence as key outcomes for people who have worked with professional coaches.  In the same way as you are working towards a fitness goal with the support of your personal trainer, coaching can support your journey towards achieving other life or business goals.

If you want to take the next step towards your dream job, but you’re not sure where to start, coaching can help you identify the steps you need to take, but also to overcome those psychological and physical hurdles that may be standing in the way.

Do you need to have one of those ‘difficult’ conversations with a member of your team? Coaching can help you prepare for the conversation, anticipate the pitfalls and generate confidence in how you will approach the conversation.

From a business perspective, coaching improves decision making, action planning and goal delivery making the case for a return on investment. Having that extra level of motivation and focus can really help make changes in your life on a permanent basis. Even one coaching session can bring clarity that can help make a life changing decision!

Coaching increases communication effectiveness and restores self- confidence! Make a difference in your life, and instead of struggling towards your goals start thriving!!