Helen Wale
Coaching & Human Resources

What stops you from delegating?

We all know that delegating work to our direct reports is a great way to help them develop, feel engaged and supported. So why do we find it so hard to do?

Many clients I have coached have come to me with this dilemma.

Often the reason given is because it’s quicker to do the work themselves, they’re busy and it takes time to show someone what to do, or give direction on what is needed.

They know the rationale for delegating work; they know it makes sense, but often feel ‘protective’ over their work. They don’t feel that anyone else can do it as well as they can or they don’t want to ‘burden’ their teams with more work.

By the time they have come to the stage of accepting that they do need to delegate, it has become very overwhelming.

Together we explore the barriers which stop them from delegating and what needs to happen for them to start

How can you give yourself permission to let go?

How can you start making the transition to handing work off?