Helen Wale
Coaching & Human Resources

Throwing away the question list

When I talk to people who are developing their coaching skills, they are often focused on finding that ‘perfect’ or 'powerful' question to ask their client which will make the biggest impact.

I have news for you… you can't always prepare for it! That 'perfect' question comes from the moment itself, the feedback from the person you are coaching, what you are hearing from them, and sometimes more importantly what you’re not hearing from them!!

Relax and let the questions come naturally. Be really ‘present’ for the other person. The minute you start thinking about the next ‘great’ question to ask is the moment that you stop listening to that other person- and they will know!!

As a coach, I sometimes ask very few questions. I am focusing on my client; what they are saying and how they are saying it. Hearing the passion in their voice about an issue they are really excited about; seeing the expression on their face and sharing in that moment when you know they have hit that moment of realization!

Sometimes the most powerful question is the one they don’t want you to ask, or it’s the most simple one. A powerful question stops someone in their tracks, it gives them a whole different perspective or it states a very clear truth!!

Here’s a thought for the day to leave you with!

Think about a powerful question that had an impact on you. What action did you take as a result? What changes did you make? How did your perspective shift?