Helen Wale
Coaching & Human Resources

What is the vision for your future?

I have worked with many clients who have reached a point in their life where retirement, or another life transition, is starting to feel decidedly close.  Often they experience a sinking feeling because they really don’t know what the next stage in their life should look like? Sound familiar?

How many of us have created a vision for what we want our future to look like?

In many cases, we have not felt the urgency, or needed to start planning for that next stage (apart from perhaps the financial aspects), until circumstances or a sudden realization has raised questions or caused us to think about that next stage in our life.

Many of us have assumed our future would be ‘mapped’ out in ways that depended on others in our lives – by our partner, children, parents, or friends. Our assumption is that they share the same vision for our future.

• Maybe those assumptions need testing?

• Whose expectations are we trying to meet?

Most of the time, we move through life with a vague expectation or plan of what our future will look like - career path, relationships, finances - but without any real understanding of how to make these a reality.  Even where there is a plan, how clear is it, and is it still up-to-date? Do we assume that it will just happen?

As coaches, we ask questions that help our clients to look honestly at what they want, but also what they need.

Often the end result looks very different to what they started with, but often it’s a more honest and exciting plan!

So, if this sounds like you,

• What questions do you need to ask yourself?

• What is really holding you back?

• Is it procrastination or is it a fear of taking the next step into the unknown, possibly scary but exhilarating future?

What do you need to do to create your vision? If you want to take that next step in making it happen, contact me for a complementary discussion.